Reforestation is defined as creating forests, i.e. planting trees on areas that were once forested but have been destroyed by phenomena such as deforestation, overexploitation, fires, overgrazing... It is often confused with reforestation, which is the afforestation of land that has remained untouched for a long time. Reforestation has a variety of benefits not only for restored ecosystems but also as a potential economic resource. Doing business with reforestation can be lucrative, but it requires long-term visions. Replanted trees are carbon sinks if they remain intact and are not destroyed by natural disasters or overexploitation. A reforestation company thus has a bright future because it invests for the long term.


The difference between reforestation and afforestation lies in the fact that with reforestation the actors have greater objectives not only in terms of the extent (surface area) of land to be reforested but also in terms of ecological quality. Moreover, reforestation is literally an attempt to rebuild a forest. Projects to plant trees are being set up all over the world, you only have to do some research on the internet to find non-profit organisations or a reforestation company.

Reforestation as a lucrative business

Almost all the world's forests are overexploited and threatened with extinction. Outside the forests are food resources. And with photosynthesis, they reduce the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere by becoming carbon sinks. Thus more and more people (individuals, governments, organizations ...) are aware of the problem of deforestation and in some developed countries, companies working in reforestation are financed by their governments. A subsidized company remains lucrative.

Reforestation companies

According to the observations of scientists, the phenomenon of global warming on earth is tending to accelerate and has become irreversible. Reforestation is one of the solutions to mitigate or slow down this global warming. Companies working in the reforestation sector therefore have a bright future because they will benefit (as long as the forests are threatened) from subsidies from their governments through carbon compensation. A tree takes years to grow, so investing in reforestation is a long-term investment.