Is hiring a business coach a one-off or a long-term project?

Although the majority of companies are trying to implement workplace wellness, burnout rates are still high. As a result, managers and executives are turning to coaching methods to address it. Professional coaching is one such method. The objective of business…

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How can a company coach act on a team of employees who don’t get along?

In the event of conflicts between the team of employees, there is a high risk that the objectives set by the manager of an SME will not be achieved. If the team members do not get along, the company is…

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Can a business coach help me become a good manager?

A manager is like a transmission belt between teams and management, a manager is a person whose posture plays on several facets of personality. Nevertheless, one is not always ready to take on this role when one has just been…

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Business coaching and its usefulness in developing a company’s activity

More often than not, the managers of a company are alone with the number of tasks they will have to manage, hence the interest in using business coaching to learn how to manage and optimize their time. In the past,…

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Among a vast offer, how to find your way around and choose a good business coach?

The job of business coach did not exist 20 years ago. Today, there are more than 20,000 of them offering the service of coaching in companies. So how do you choose between the myriad offers on the market? Here are…

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