More often than not, the managers of a company are alone with the number of tasks they will have to manage, hence the interest in using business coaching to learn how to manage and optimize their time. In the past, business coaching was only intended for executives of large companies, but today it has become a major development tool for small and medium sized businesses. But what is it really used for?

What does business coaching say about business first?

Like any coaching program, business coaching consists in assisting business leaders so that they learn to become autonomous and capable of making the right decisions for the development of the company. The training then aims to develop the entrepreneurial potential of the manager so that he can effectively manage each phase of the company's life from creation through growth to the transfer of activity. Usually intervening in three areas, i.e. optimising profitability, time management and team management, vocational training can however deal with more specific themes depending on the sector of activity.

What are the benefits of business coaching?

In most cases, the main goal of business coaching is to help business leaders who wish to quickly achieve the company's development objectives to become excellent in the performance of their duties. Usually an expert in their sector of activity and their profession, a business leader does not always have the entrepreneurial skills required to successfully carry out the role of a leader (lack of training or time, experience or confidence). The coach will then be able to accompany him and help him to progress in each phase of his company's growth.

The use of a business coach also offers other considerable advantages:

. An outside view and tailor-made advice to improve your entrepreneurial skills. . Improved time management to better focus on priorities . . Ease of adapting the actions to be carried out according to the company's situation: new competitor, recruitment concerns ... By hiring a professional executive coach, you will also be able to benefit from the advice and opinions of an outside professional on the actions to be taken to develop the company's activity.

Business coaching, how does it work?

Executive training is coaching aimed first and foremost at accompanying the company director and then evaluating his effectiveness based on various indicators (turnover, customer satisfaction, profitability, etc.). First, the coach defines the vision and objectives of the program in order to orient the training according to your needs later on. He will also encourage the motivation of the manager by focusing on the objectives set. Practical and theoretical training will also be put in place to develop certain skills or assimilate new knowledge essential to the manager to manage his business and boost sales. This training can for example focus on the tasks that are binding for the manager: managing employees, developing commercial activities.