A company's professional bank account is the focal point of the business. All operations carried out in the name of the company are concentrated there. Choosing the most suitable online pro bank or neobank requires prior consideration. How to open an online pro account? Once you have chosen your online bank, all you have to do is start the procedure, send the supporting documents (identity document, proof of address, etc.) and deposit your funds. All you have to do is order your payment card and activate it to take advantage of your online pro account. Visit www.bank4pro.co.uk/ and learn more how to find the suitable bank account for your business. What are the steps to follow to open a pro bank account? Before opening a professional account, you need to compare the different offers on the market. By selecting an online bank or a neobank, you don't have to make any trips. All you have to do is go to the company's website, submit the requested documents and provide the required information. In a few minutes your account is open! When to open an account when you create your business? You can open it at any time. However, if you create a company, you will have to open a professional account to deposit your capital.

How to open a pro account?

Opening a professional account is an almost unavoidable step. It is therefore essential to answer the question related to the opening of an account. Whether you opt for a traditional business bank account or an online business account, there are many similarities in the steps to follow. The major difference between these different accounts is the time it takes to open them and the travel involved. In the case of an account opened with a traditional bank, it is necessary to go to your bank branch to meet your advisor and bring all the supporting documents. In the case of an account opened with a neobank or an online bank, the whole procedure is done online. All you have to do is send your documents from home. Online or traditional bank, once the documents have been transmitted, you will have to wait for their validation before you can use your account. It is advisable to check the list of documents required to minimize travel and the time allocated to opening an account.

Is opening a business account mandatory for your company?

Yes, the subscription of a professional account is compulsory for EURL, SA, SAS, SASU, EURL or SARL. Only sole proprietorships can simply open a bank account separate from their personal bank account. Why this obligation? Because, it is without a specific business account, companies cannot deposit their share capital. Therefore, they cannot start their registration procedure with the Trade and Companies Register and be issued with their certificate of deposit of funds. In theory, companies then have the right to close this professional bank account and transfer the funds to a conventional bank account. However, this decision creates a risk in the face of the interpretation of the tax authorities, which could re-qualify the sums paid as salaries. The business account serves precisely to facilitate tax auditing and cash management. And, like a watertight barrier, it clearly distinguishes between private and professional operations. If you are banned from banking or cannot open an account with traditional banks, neobanks allow you to open a pro account without a bank.