CBD, or legal cannabis, is increasingly being consumed around the world. But what exactly is CBD? What are the different products derived from this substance? What does the law say about these products? Here are the answers to all these questions so that you can understand why the market is booming at the moment.

What is CBD?

CBD or cannabidiol is a substance found in hemp or cannabis. It belongs to the category of cannabinoids along with its cousin THC. Several studies have allowed researchers to affirm that cannabidiol is beneficial for general health and well-being. CBD is also known for its non-addictive properties. So what are the best known derivatives of cannabidiol?

The different products derived from CBD

First of all, you can find the oil in the CBD. It is often presented in a bottle with dropper pipettes. Other elements can be added to CBD oil, such as olive oil or terpene. The oil can also be packaged in capsules. The capsules will dissolve easily in the stomach and then release the oil. This makes it easier to consume. Secondly, the e-liquids at the CBD are also popular with vaporisers. Several dosages are available to vary the taste of the e-liquid during vaporization. Thirdly, creams and balms can be found at the CBD in the cosmetics industry. Many users claim that CBD is beneficial for the skin. As far as food is concerned, CBD is used today by several manufacturers of sweets. It has even become a marketing object for certain food industries. Finally, as DIY is fashionable, CBD crystals are also available in coffee shops and specialty stores. Oil and e-liquid can be made with the crystals. You can also mix them directly into a recipe.

What does the law on CBD stipulate?

Each country has its own legislation regarding cannabis consumption. In France, for example, the consumption of CBD is allowed because of the low THC content (less than 0.2%). Other countries allow cannabidiol only for therapeutic use. However, it is always advisable to find out about the legislation in your country before purchasing cannabidiol or CBD products.