The Food Truck or restaurant truck is once again king in gastronomy. In fact, the idea is not new, it is inspired by an American concept that was once used to supply cowboys. Today, it is booming. Whether in the provinces or in the city, the Food Truck is making its way step by step into the habits of the French. Fast, high-quality cooking, this concept is much healthier than fast food. Many entrepreneurs are now interested in this system, but don't know where to start. So, if you want to open a Food Truck, a practical guide would be useful before you start the adventure.

Market research

Market research is the most important step before going into business. Indeed, opening a food truck is not something that can be done overnight. Just like the restaurant, a more in-depth study of the customers, competitors and the business sector is required. You can then draw conclusions about the customer's expectations: types of dishes, prices, quality of service, decorations, etc. Propose an original concept, something new that will set you apart from your competitors. Build your own identity with a nice name that is easy to remember. The decoration of your bodywork and shop window should also be eye-catching and highlight your product.

Necessary authorizations and procedures

Since the Food Truck is a mobile business, you don't need to rent commercial space. However, you will need to obtain the necessary authorisations and administrative procedures to ensure that your project will stand the test of time. Indeed, prior authorisation from the town hall or the prefecture is compulsory for use on the public domain. If you want to offer alcoholic beverages to your customers, you must have a special licence. This is a licence for drinks from the first two groups. Hygiene and safety training is also compulsory for any use of animal products. For the vehicle, it must be insured and meet ERP standards.

Finding a good location

Rely on market research to find the right place. The location of the Food Truck must be strategic. Choose a corner that is sufficiently visible to all residents and passers-by. The chance with this concept is the possibility to move every day according to the customers. Unlike the restaurant, the Food Truck moves to follow the customers. This makes it possible to target different clienteles.