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What’s included in an All-in-One CRM?

Customer relationships mean everything to a business and its future. You have to do everything you can to nurture them, including sending out birthday cards and periodic newsletters. But as the business grows, the spreadsheets will become harder to manage,…

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How do I change my professional account?

The closing of a professional bank account can occur for different reasons and is generally either due to the company or the banking company. However, there are very specific rules for changing a business account. The vast majority of companies…

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How do I close a business bank account?

Regardless of the company’s banking establishment, it is required to accede to a request to close a professional bank account. The company manager can contact his bank by telephone to inform it of his need, or he can send an…

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Is it possible to draw up a balance sheet on your own or do you have to call in an expert?

Do you draw up your own balance sheet or have it done by an external service provider through outsourcing? This is a cornelian dilemma that many business leaders are facing today. It should be noted that although it is compulsory…

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What’s professional insurance and what’s it for?

All professionals are subject to risks. In order to face any incident and to protect its company as well as its staff, the company is supposed to take out a professional insurance policy. So what is professional insurance and what…

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How to finance your business through crowfunding: instructions for use

Crowdfunding or crowdsourcing is on the rise with many people starting their projects with this participative financing. This solution is currently attracting companies short of traditional financing. It is then possible to finance your company with crowdfunding. You will see…

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