In the event of conflicts between the team of employees, there is a high risk that the objectives set by the manager of an SME will not be achieved. If the team members do not get along, the company is unable to perform at its best. The use of a business coach can help a company to overcome this impasse.

Role of a business coach

If your team of employees cannot work together, the company will never achieve the goals it has set for itself. In this case, you need a coach. But what is the mission of a corporate coach? The company coach accompanies the manager in the achievement of performance, the implementation of coherent and effective strategies. To reach the objectives, you will need a high-performance team. Use business coaching for entrepreneurs and executives to help you resolve conflicts between your employees. With a team of collaborators who do not get along, the company cannot move forward. Through team coaching, it is essential to understand the causes of the team's disagreement. Once the origin of the conflict has been identified, the manager will be able to correct the mistake thanks to the support of a coach. The setting up of a works council is also essential for the resolution of conflicts between employees.

How and why create a works council?

For companies employing more than 50 employees, the establishment of a works council becomes mandatory. How to create a works council? The number of delegates who make up the works council varies according to the number of employees. The works council participates in the management of the company's economic activity in addition to setting up cultural and social works. If production does not develop and the objectives set by the company are not achieved, the manager can consult the members of the works council to try to find a solution. The delegates have the right to vote, whatever the subject matter. As the works council is composed of workers, the management committee is composed of managers.

When is a steering committee set up?

The members of the steering committee are executives who have managerial and technical skills within the company. If there are conflicts within the team of employees, the management committee meets to resolve the disagreement. The use of a business coach is essential to help executives resolve any dysfunctions. Both the works council and the management committee are necessary for a manager who finds himself more and more alone as the company grows. With the support of a business coach, the members manage to resolve differences within the group of employees.