As recalled before, it is essential to launch the procedure for opening the new business account before closing the old account. A transition period is necessary. This will allow the new account to be opened before the final changeover. When opening the new business account, you must request the new means of payment from the company. Indeed, with the new bank, you can quickly obtain them when you open the account. It is advisable to leave some funds on the old business account to cover pending transactions such as uncashed cheques, non-debited CB payment, etc. Similarly, the funds left on the old account will allow you to settle probable transactions while waiting for your new means of payment to arrive. You should also monitor the smooth transition of transfers and standing orders. Indeed, it is up to the new bank in which your business account is now housed to notify the structures (URSSAF, Internet, EDF, electricity, Tax Services, etc.) of your new bank details. As soon as all the pending transactions have been completed, a final check will have to be carried out. Check the new transfers, direct debits and services set up with the new bank. This reassures you that everything is in order. Note that to open a new business account, your company must provide documents that vary according to your company's legal status. Generally, the documents that are required are as follows:
  • Proof of identity of the sole proprietor or the legal representative in the case of a company;
  • Proof of domicile, which must provide information on the occupation of the registered office or offices of the company;
  • Proof of professional activity less than 3 months old;
  • A copy of the statutes;
  • A copy of the articles of association; Etc.
Other additional documents may be requested by the bank. Any company is able to hold several professional accounts.

Why a neobank?

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The formalities to complete

Keep track of automatic transactions, direct debit mandates and any other regular transactions on your initial account. When companies want to change banks to open a new business account, it is justified by the desire to reduce bank charges or to find customer service at their disposal. Although there are many advantages to doing this, it is important to make some arrangements in advance when closing the old account. There are a number of aspects to consider. These include:
  • A listing of all annualized fees;
  • Recurring transfers made to the business account;
  • Pre-authorized debits called money orders;
  • The various cheques that have been issued but not yet cashed;
  • CB payments in progress or not yet recorded;
  • Automatic exports to your accountant;
  • Email and SMS alerts;
  • Digital safe;
  • Credit;
  • Overdraft.